lynthia: (polycon)
Hallie Smith ([personal profile] lynthia) wrote2013-02-03 03:42 pm

Would I actually know if I was a zombie?

I mean, maybe I wouldn't. Maybe that's why I feel vaguely brain dead all the time. What if it's already too late? Maybe I'm a Pepsi zombie... I crave sugary carbonated drinks instead of brains...

Actually made it to the gym yesterday, thanks to [ profile] shofixti. I hadn't been since before we moved, so it's been awhile. He made me do sit ups, and my abs hurt. It's been far too long since that happened, so I'm glad. It means there are still some abs in there somewhere. :) I gained back more weight than I'd really like last year, though I'm still significantly under my pre-pregnancy high. I'm just squishier than I was in 2011. Could be worse. (I could be a zombie.)

Last week was something of a creative whirlwind. Got my embroidery machine running again, and was struck with a need to embroider ALL THE THINGS! So the coat that I was making? It got embellished. And then it became reversible, so I could differently embellish the other side. (I did take pictures, but they're on a dress dummy, and don't really do it justice. I'm waiting to see if I can get some action shots from the weekend.) And while I was sewing that together on my regular machine, I had the embroidery machine decorating canvas to become reusable shopping bags. That's my go-to when there's a design I'm just dying to stitch, but I can't think of what to do with it. Everything goes on a reusable canvas bag! So yeah. One corset, one reversible coat, three canvas bags, plus all of normal life, all in one week. No wonder the space between Monday and Friday seemed to disappear.

It's February, and it's weird that in the school world that means it's time to plan for summer. We're already putting together the schedule for summer school at the preschool, and sign ups will be next week. So I'm supposed to decide now how much I'm going to sign up [ profile] cwsmithiv for this summer, and I'm not sure how to handle it. Such a delicate balance between keeping him busy, not over scheduling him, how much it costs, and how much I want to have to figure out what to do with him. :) I'm currently leaning toward signing him up for every other week of the eight week summer session. Just split the whole thing right down the middle.

This coming week, it's all about getting the rest of the residual sewing out of my room (and my life) so that I can concentrate on Dapper Day. It happens to fall on the same weekend as my wedding anniversary this year, so I'm totally using that to my advantage. We've got a reservation at the Grand Californian Hotel (SWANKY!), Charles will actually go with us, we're going to stay for three nights, it's going to be lovely. But I think at this point I have six people to dress for the event, and it's only three weeks away. So... time to get to work! I'm making a sailor suit for [ profile] cwsmithiv. How cute is that going to be?!? And he can't wait either, he thinks it's a Donald Duck costume. Works for me.

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