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Hallie Smith ([personal profile] lynthia) wrote2013-01-21 11:28 am

Fast forward to today...

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:
- Got fed up with certain aspects of my living situation, threw a bit of a tantrum, demanded that we move. Totally adult move? Enh, not really. Probably about time, after 14 years in the same apartment? Yeah. Are we happier now, even if it is essentially three times as expensive? Not a doubt.
- Result: we bought a house. "Manufactured home," technically, but that's the last time I'm going to put it that way. I've spent several months apologizing for our house, it's not "real," it didn't cost a million dollars and in Silicon Valley that means we cheated, blah blah blah. It cost real money, we have a real mortgage, it's made of real walls and we really live in it. Done.
- I thought we were going to be immune to the phenomenon where you uproot a small child and they turn into the devil, because our move was such an obviously positive change for him. He has a bedroom and a playroom, he got to pick his own paint colors, more room to play inside, room to play outside, all that jazz. Turns out some things can't be reasoned away, you just have to go through them. That was rough.
- As of last June, I have been the Registrar for [ profile] cwsmithiv's preschool. I love it to bitty pieces, it's a job all about paperwork. :)
- If I have free time, I'm probably spending it watching [ profile] tersa play Dragon Age (she comes over and plays so I can see the story, since I suck at console games) or playing WoW with [ profile] shofixti. I finally, as of yesterday, have a level 90 panda. Whoo, one max level character! ;)
- I don't read much these days, which is sad. I don't knit ever, which is also sad. And I'm really hoping to do some for-fun sewing soon. Work sewing is feeling way too much like work anymore, and that needs to change.

Goals for 2013:
- Not get bronchitis. So far so good.
- Spend less money. Not buying another house should really help with that. :P
- Take an actual vacation. Yes, indeed, that is counter to goal #2. But my dear husband WORKS TOO MUCH, and I'm pretty sure the only way to get that to back down a bit is to drag him kicking and screaming to an island. Sadly, Hawaii has perfectly decent internet, but we'll see what happens.
- Get back into some form of exercise routine. I still have a gym membership, but when I started dealing with the move I got utterly out of the habit of going. And now we're in a different city, so my excuse is that I haven't figured out which one I want to go to anymore. There are options, and I just need to pick one and go.
- Post more. I know, ha ha, last year was an all time low. But I've had this journal for over 10 years now, and I'm very reluctant to let it die. I just need to stop worrying about making it perfect, and do it anyway.
- Counter to that one, I really want to get a sewing blog off the ground. I do fun things, I want to get to show them off. I'm just tragically bad at taking process pictures, and not so great at getting finished product pictures either.

We'll see how it goes. :)

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