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Things that just should not happen

So, it's a weird night. The kid only got a 5 minute nap today, so he sacked out on the couch at 8 pm. Charles is still at work, but he's supposed to be home at a "decent" hour. Whatever that means. I made myself a sandwich for dinner, tried to turn on the tv and found that it's not working, played a game on my iPhone for a little bit... and then found myself sitting on the couch, experiencing a very strange feeling. It actually took me awhile to figure out what it was, because it was so unfamiliar.

I was bored.

I haven't even had the luxury of boredom in so long, I had no idea what it was like anymore. :) That is SUCH a bad sign.

So, I put on a movie that I can't watch while the kid is awake (using the PS3, since the computer that runs our tv is still being cranky), and figured this must be the perfect time to do some blogging.

Of course, I have nothing all that exciting to say. But I'll try.

- The year is definitely speeding up before it ends. There are so many activities, fundraisers, events, etc going on, I have to check my calendar every single day just to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. It's nuts.
- And because I clearly needed more to do, I joined the Board of Directors for the next school year. I'm going to be the Registrar. We all know I'm going to love it.
- We have a parent-teacher conference next week. Our first one! Kind of makes me laugh. He's only three, and it's a parent participation school. I'm there half the time he is anyway!
- I already wonder how he's going to handle it at the beginning of next year, when 2/3rds of his class is different. What they can and can't handle with grace is so hard to figure out at this age.

- Charles has been working seriously ridiculous hours lately. Like, 10 am to 1 am. All week. And apparently, he's leaving next Wednesday on a business trip that will last at least a week, but may bleed right into another trip. And then another. And then my sister's graduation in DC, and then he won't be home until May 22nd or so. So essentially, he'll be gone for almost a month. That'll be neat.
- I joined a gym. It's still weird to even say that, I've never been a "gym person." I signed up for some personal training sessions, mostly so I could learn how you're actually supposed to use a gym. I really like it, but I might have to tell him to be more careful with me. I can do the workouts just fine, but then the next day I hurt so much I'm actually impaired. I have trouble going up stairs, and sometimes my legs actually try to give out on me when I'm carrying C4. It's two or three days before I could even consider going back, and that means I'm only going twice a week, max. I don't think that's how it's supposed to work!

- I've finally admitted defeat. I think. All this time, I've been trying to keep myself as busy as possible, cramming in sewing jobs where I could, because I felt like I really had to in order to justify my existence. And more and more lately, I found that the stress of figuring out how and when to get the job done was just not working out with what I was able to make off the commissions. And worse, the more stressed I got, the crankier and more short tempered I was with C4. Poor little sucker, he's only three, and he's already so good at playing by himself and letting me work, it wasn't fair for me to get so frustrated when he had days where he just needed my attention more than that. So for now, I've decided to stop taking paid jobs. That doesn't mean I won't sew, by any stretch, and it doesn't even mean I won't sew for others. But the Official-ness of being paid for a job is just a little too much for me right now. If I'm doing someone a favor, it's okay to say "Hey, my kid got sick, and I just couldn't work on it this week." It's different.
- Also, Costume College is in four short months, and dang it, this time I want to be really prepared! :)

I suppose that's enough of the random babble from me. Maybe I'll sort digital pictures for awhile or something. I have this wild idea that I might start scrapbooking again on a regular basis... Ever the optimist!

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HA! You call your kid C4 thats awsome.
I love the gym even though my work don't allow me to go as often as I like. I do enjoy my hour walks I go on every few days. Very relaxing, feel free to join me if you ever feel the need to get out. It's a good way to unwind.