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So, my semi-informal New Year's Resolution is to post in this journal more. I really like that I can go back and see what I was doing years ago, and this journal will celebrate a decade of existence in 2012, so it seems like a good time to come back to it. There are people making money off their blogs that haven't been around that long. Think of where I could be if I had just applied myself! Or something.

I know that a lot of people were not overly fond of 2011. Myself, I took it as a year to stop ignoring some things that I needed to stop ignoring. Funny how much anxiety can be caused despite a strong will to stick your head in the sand, huh? So instead of letting that anxiety build, I faced some stuff. Like, the dental issues that have been building for years. The last time I went to a dentist before 2011 was February of 2002. I knew that I was going to need a couple of teeth removed (baby molars), and replacements of some kind, and of course we can't all remain cavity-free forever, and I really didn't like thinking about how much it was all going to cost. So I worried about it for a few years. And now I can say that not only do I know exactly what I'm facing, but I'm already half finished with fixing it. Sure, it's only half because we couldn't afford to do more than that in one year, so I wasn't entirely wrong to be scared of that number. But knowing does turn out to be better than worrying. And I've already visited my dentist for the 2012 consult, and we've set up the first step of getting the other half taken care of.

Little Charles' preschool was another example. People started asking when he was still an infant what our plan was, and I always put off the question with things like "we'll see when he's potty trained, I don't think they even take kids who aren't potty trained." Too bad I went to a seminar when he had just turned two that informed me that I was already behind on that whole potty training thing! So by 28 months, he was fully trained (day and night), and there went that excuse. So I poked around a little, discovered that a little information was way worse than none at all (OMG EXPENSIVE WE'RE MOVING), and really dug in. And now he's been in a parent participation preschool since September, he loves it, and we're currently filling out the paperwork for him to move to the next class in the fall.

This year is going to be harder. Because it involves the IRS, and that makes everything harder. But ever since we got married, our tax filing has been weird. Like, sometimes they just go missing and we get a letter three years later saying hey, where are your taxes? weird. Which is obviously really bad. Even worse, though, is that my darling husband's reaction to said weirdness was to stop filing our current taxes, because if they were just going to get lost anyway, what was the point? This is obviously a very big problem, and while I've poked and poked him to help me fix it, I think this year it's time to start stabbing. I want to move on, literally, from this apartment we've been in since 1999. And we absolutely cannot do that if there is a risk the IRS is going to notice we've bought something shiny and then take it from us. UNCOOL, MAN.

So, yeah. Hopefully I can keep to updating more, so that I don't feel like I have to fill in all the details all the time. Maybe if I can be good about this, I can be good about my photo albums again someday, too. Aim high, right?


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