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Last night, I dreamed a Tina Fey movie. There was a love triangle and witty one liners and wacky hijinks in a hot tub and everything. I didn't get the end, though. That always happens. So annoying.

In the last week and a half I've sewn three dresses, one skirt, one tunic, one velvet/silk half cape, and done alterations on a blazer. It didn't seem like that much when I was working on it, but it sounds impressive now. Which is kind of a plus. :) [ profile] cwsmithiv was super good about letting me sew, and Daddy Charles gave me about six hours solid last Saturday to work which was great. I have purposefully not planned on getting anything useful done this next week though; I have a root canal scheduled for Wednesday. I'm a dental wuss so I figure that means I get to be lazy for at least two days before and two days after. :)

Though I suppose lazy is a relative term. I've been trying to walk on as many errands as I possibly can, which is tending to mean about a four mile walk each day. I'm now around 15 pounds past my pregnancy weight loss, and I've actually got a bit of a tan for the first time in years. I've never successfully made the whole diet/exercise thing work as well as this before, and I'm enjoying it a lot. No solid goals or routines, just trying to keep up eating sensibly (cake at 10 pm is probably not my friend) and getting at least some exercise each day. Having an active two year old really helps with that second one.

As for the kid, he's wonderful. He knows all his letters (though saying the alphabet in order is still a challenge) and he can count to 10 (sometimes we skip 2). He's getting friendlier with people who aren't Mommy and Daddy, and absolutely adores the 7 month old boy upstairs. He gives him hugs and kisses, and sometimes they just sit and giggle at each other. It's fantastic.

My knitting is totally lagging, but I can pretty squarely blame that on the fact that I've picked up playing World of Warcraft again. I know, it's a time sink, but it's fun in small doses. The game changed quite a bit in the two years I was absent and I'm enjoying checking out the differences. Little Charles likes watching me play, which is funny. He waves hello to my character on the screen.

My craft for today is to try to make a hair flower to wear to the Sharks game tonight. I didn't manage to find a teal one, but I know I can get a black one and then add teal to it. I'm thinking glitter. And maybe rhinestones. Hockey is always better with bling.


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