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I had another movie dream last night. You know, if my brain is going to pretend to be a cinema, the least it could do is show the whole movie!

Behind a cut in case movies without endings make you crazy like they do me. )

If you know how my movie ends, please tell me in the comments. It's been bugging me all day.
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So, my semi-informal New Year's Resolution is to post in this journal more. I really like that I can go back and see what I was doing years ago, and this journal will celebrate a decade of existence in 2012, so it seems like a good time to come back to it. There are people making money off their blogs that haven't been around that long. Think of where I could be if I had just applied myself! Or something.

I know that a lot of people were not overly fond of 2011. Myself, I took it as a year to stop ignoring some things that I needed to stop ignoring. Funny how much anxiety can be caused despite a strong will to stick your head in the sand, huh? So instead of letting that anxiety build, I faced some stuff. Like, the dental issues that have been building for years. The last time I went to a dentist before 2011 was February of 2002. I knew that I was going to need a couple of teeth removed (baby molars), and replacements of some kind, and of course we can't all remain cavity-free forever, and I really didn't like thinking about how much it was all going to cost. So I worried about it for a few years. And now I can say that not only do I know exactly what I'm facing, but I'm already half finished with fixing it. Sure, it's only half because we couldn't afford to do more than that in one year, so I wasn't entirely wrong to be scared of that number. But knowing does turn out to be better than worrying. And I've already visited my dentist for the 2012 consult, and we've set up the first step of getting the other half taken care of.

Little Charles' preschool was another example. People started asking when he was still an infant what our plan was, and I always put off the question with things like "we'll see when he's potty trained, I don't think they even take kids who aren't potty trained." Too bad I went to a seminar when he had just turned two that informed me that I was already behind on that whole potty training thing! So by 28 months, he was fully trained (day and night), and there went that excuse. So I poked around a little, discovered that a little information was way worse than none at all (OMG EXPENSIVE WE'RE MOVING), and really dug in. And now he's been in a parent participation preschool since September, he loves it, and we're currently filling out the paperwork for him to move to the next class in the fall.

This year is going to be harder. Because it involves the IRS, and that makes everything harder. But ever since we got married, our tax filing has been weird. Like, sometimes they just go missing and we get a letter three years later saying hey, where are your taxes? weird. Which is obviously really bad. Even worse, though, is that my darling husband's reaction to said weirdness was to stop filing our current taxes, because if they were just going to get lost anyway, what was the point? This is obviously a very big problem, and while I've poked and poked him to help me fix it, I think this year it's time to start stabbing. I want to move on, literally, from this apartment we've been in since 1999. And we absolutely cannot do that if there is a risk the IRS is going to notice we've bought something shiny and then take it from us. UNCOOL, MAN.

So, yeah. Hopefully I can keep to updating more, so that I don't feel like I have to fill in all the details all the time. Maybe if I can be good about this, I can be good about my photo albums again someday, too. Aim high, right?
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I decided that I'd put everything I thought about twitting/booking/plussing this morning in a post and pretend it might be cohesive. Part of my "post to LJ" more campaign.

• Having an auto body shop in the family is so awesome. Took my car in this morning and left it there. I've had it for two years, I've accumulated a few dings here and there, and in a week it'll be all shiny and pretty again. Love it.

• For about an hour today, I was in San Francisco. At the same time my husband was in New York, and my sister was in Washington D.C. That should be some kind of achievement, if life had those (like the Playstation or something).

• About San Francisco: I hate that city. Specifically, traveling in it. When we get teleporters figured out I might change my mind. But seriously, it took me three different routes and 40 minutes to get the hell out of there, because of construction/closed streets/lack of ability to turn left ANYWHERE THAT MIGHT BE USEFUL.

• Also: finally made it to Britex (huge fabric store on Geary), and was pretty disappointed, overall. Still stupid expensive ($145 for a yard of wool suiting, anyone?), but didn't have the fabrics I wanted. Four stories of the most expensive fabric ever, I want to find everything, ever! And as I shall not say anything rude about actual people working there, I have nothing to say about them at all.

• I saw a hot pink Mustang on the freeway and thought to myself, "If that's what you get for being a Mary Kay consultant these days, sign me up!"

• I love rain. And Autumn. And rainy Autumn days. But I miss my kitty.

• Hungry. Should probably do something about that. :)
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• How on earth do I have a child old enough for preschool? WHERE IS MY BABY?!?

• When they say "parent participation," they mean it. When I first saw the schedules, I thought six parents staying per class was kind of a lot. After today, I'm grateful there were extra parents who stuck around.

• Clearly, sticking the new person on tricycle duty is some kind of ritual hazing. Five kids under three years old on one track? Who thought that was a good idea?

• I do not have the worst behaved child in class. Petty, but there it is. It makes me happy. :)

• When another parent asked if I was an alumni, as I seemed to really "get it," I took that as a good sign. I'm not, by the way, but my sister is. I remember her going as a little kid, so we'll pretend that counts.

• Tomorrow is the teacher home visit. I was kind of surprised that the teacher actually drives around to every single kids house, but she makes it sound like no big deal. it'll be interesting to see how Charles reacts to having his teacher show up in his living room.

• Thursday is technically a day off for me; each parent is only supposed to work one day per week. We'll see how it goes - I'm thinking I'll just hang out in my car, in case he wigs and needs me. There's a handy little clipboard at sign in for putting down stuff like that so they'll know how to find me.

• I miss my morning walk. I'm looking forward to the schedule settling down again so I can figure out where to put it, now that my mornings are mostly busy.

• School-induced nap time is awesome. He fell asleep in the car, stayed that way while I carried him in, and is now in bed. Snoring. Ahhhhhhh.
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Last night, I dreamed a Tina Fey movie. There was a love triangle and witty one liners and wacky hijinks in a hot tub and everything. I didn't get the end, though. That always happens. So annoying.

In the last week and a half I've sewn three dresses, one skirt, one tunic, one velvet/silk half cape, and done alterations on a blazer. It didn't seem like that much when I was working on it, but it sounds impressive now. Which is kind of a plus. :) [ profile] cwsmithiv was super good about letting me sew, and Daddy Charles gave me about six hours solid last Saturday to work which was great. I have purposefully not planned on getting anything useful done this next week though; I have a root canal scheduled for Wednesday. I'm a dental wuss so I figure that means I get to be lazy for at least two days before and two days after. :)

Though I suppose lazy is a relative term. I've been trying to walk on as many errands as I possibly can, which is tending to mean about a four mile walk each day. I'm now around 15 pounds past my pregnancy weight loss, and I've actually got a bit of a tan for the first time in years. I've never successfully made the whole diet/exercise thing work as well as this before, and I'm enjoying it a lot. No solid goals or routines, just trying to keep up eating sensibly (cake at 10 pm is probably not my friend) and getting at least some exercise each day. Having an active two year old really helps with that second one.

As for the kid, he's wonderful. He knows all his letters (though saying the alphabet in order is still a challenge) and he can count to 10 (sometimes we skip 2). He's getting friendlier with people who aren't Mommy and Daddy, and absolutely adores the 7 month old boy upstairs. He gives him hugs and kisses, and sometimes they just sit and giggle at each other. It's fantastic.

My knitting is totally lagging, but I can pretty squarely blame that on the fact that I've picked up playing World of Warcraft again. I know, it's a time sink, but it's fun in small doses. The game changed quite a bit in the two years I was absent and I'm enjoying checking out the differences. Little Charles likes watching me play, which is funny. He waves hello to my character on the screen.

My craft for today is to try to make a hair flower to wear to the Sharks game tonight. I didn't manage to find a teal one, but I know I can get a black one and then add teal to it. I'm thinking glitter. And maybe rhinestones. Hockey is always better with bling.
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Today I made a dentist appointment. I haven't been to the dentist since August of 2001. I know this because the next appointment was supposed to be February of 2002, and I put it off because I got married that month and couldn't handle any more stress. Thus began my ability to skip dental appointments, and I just never went back.

This is bad, of course. At that point in time I had no cavities or fillings, and I'm sure I won't be so lucky this time. The incredibly painful toothache I had Monday night tells me this is so. But it also tells me I don't get to put it off any more. Besides, in another year Charles will need to start going, and I should set a good example. Or something.

Come Friday, I think I'm going to be very sorry I don't drink. ;)

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This is a child related post. I'm not filtering it, because I think it's ADORABLE and I want the whole world to read it, but I'll put it under a cut just to be nice. :)

Seriously. Unless you hate children, click. )
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I have no idea how it can possibly be December 15th already. I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously. I have a kid who is going to turn TWO in three months. That's just impossible.

And boy, do I get the "When are you having another one?" questions now. Fairly constantly. I'm still feeling traumatized by the first two months of his life. I'm not over it yet. And I'm definitely not ready to repeat it. Add in all those practical considerations like "no where to put the extra kid" and "no money to move somewhere bigger" and I feel pretty comfortable with my one-kid status. I'm not ruling anything out, but for now, we're happy just like this.

I haven't decorated for Christmas this year, and that's mostly for my own sanity. The child would just destroy everything. Not that he is destructive for no reason, he'd just want to figure out what everything was and how it worked, and he's not exactly gentle. But I'm doing well on the shopping part, and I'm enjoying it. I'm very excited to be giving some of these gifts, which is super fun.

For the last two weeks of December, I'm trying very hard to not take on anything new. I'd really like to finish some old projects before 2011 enters my life. Of course, we'll see how well that holds up in reality.

And now, I will give up on trying to type. My child is busy trying to stuff all of his toys down the front of my shirt.

I have no clue why.
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I actually managed to go to Costume College for the first time this year, after either thinking about it or failing to make the registration deadline for two or three years first. (And, miracle of miracles, it was only a month ago and I'm already posting about it! Amazing!) It was a) not what I expected, but b) still enjoyable. I'm glad I went, and I have ideas on how to make it better next year.

One thing that was perfect right out of the gate was the idea to drag Michelle (NERO Las Vegas, Mitch's wife, for reference) along with me. I think I would have been very prone to staying on the edges of things and reading a book in a corner without her there to keep me excited about being there. So she stays! She's going with me next year whether she likes it or not!

But, I will admit, though I enjoyed the marketplace and classes and all, the best part was absolutely the fabric shopping tour on Monday. A bus picked us up at the hotel, drove us to the fabric district, and then stayed there all day so we could drag our purchases back and load them into the cargo area. You never had any idea at all how much damage you'd done until they unloaded the bus at the end of the day. :)


So much looooooot

More pictures and details back here. )

So, there it is. More pictures, more posting... and this time none of it was about the kid! I might actually still have a life! ;)
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Now I have that creepy song from Portal stuck in my head. And I didn't even play the game. That's hardly fair. :)

Yup, still alive. I swear, I read LJ every day. I just have a terrible time convincing myself to post. Partially because [ profile] cwsmithiv loves to "help" me type whenever I try, and partially because by the time I sit down I feel an absolute lack of inspiration. If I could somehow manage to mentally post while I'm taking him for a walk, I'm telling you, it would be awesome. You'd all be glued to your screens. Or something.

Pictures behind cut, because they're so much easier than typing a whole bunch. )
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Twice might be too few to establish a pattern, but then again, twice in a month is a lot. Very interesting.

Again, cut for the utterly uninterested. )
And that's about where it ended. I woke up, it was 6:43 am, kid is still sleeping, and I'm totally awake. Now it's my turn to be indignant. :)
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I had the most amusing NERO dream last night. I wanted to make sure to write it down before I forgot too much of it.

Behind a cut for those who could not possibly care less. )
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This post is going to be really picture heavy (duh) so I'll put it behind a cut.

There are 13 pictures back here, just to warn you. )

There you go. Baby, sewing, knitting, baby... he's napping now and I'm avoiding the dishes or I still wouldn't be typing this!
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I'm a very content creature this evening.

Yesterday was pretty much full of suck. Tried shopping for gifts, and almost completely failed. Tried shopping for a tree, and did in fact completely fail. Discovered that [ profile] cwsmithiv is most definitely in the separation anxiety phase, as he cannot handle it if I so much as step outside to get the mail. It was not a good day.

But it never ends there, of course. I got home and shopped online, and as of this afternoon everything has shipped already (very impressive!). I have a Christmas tree. Charles went and got it this morning, and [ profile] shofixti helped me decorate it. The little guy loves the lights.

So right now, my apartment smells like Christmas, my baby is in his high chair happily munching on Cheerios, Beetlejuice is on tv, and I'm making enchiladas for dinner.

Not too shabby.
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One more thing - I have this hazy memory of someone telling me that when we got to the baby food jar stage of life, they had a use for the jars.

No clue who it was, though.

Currently, we empty anywhere from 5 to 10 of the glass baby food jars per week. I expect that to hold through December, and then after the holidays have died down I have this insane plan of making my own baby food. We'll see how that goes.

So does anyone who reads this have a use for the jars? If not I'll just keep recycling them. :)
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Seriously. Enough with the warp speed calendar.

Let's see, what the heck have I been up to? Well, we had our week in Windsor. That was nice, Charles got to relax for an extended period of time, and [ profile] cwsmithiv enjoyed the extra freedom of space that came with not being around our mess. :) He became very good at pulling up on furniture and cruising from one piece to another to get around. The boy can crawl just fine, but if he has the choice he'll pull up on something and stand/walk every time.

In other news, I found a white hair the one day that I used the blow dryer. Unrelated? I think not.

I just finished two new photoshoot outfits for Shannon, and I *really* wish I'd taken pictures before giving them to her. I'll have to wait until she gets them back after the shoot to show them off. One was a Mrs. Claus outfit, and the other was the Elf that Santa doesn't tell the wife about. ;) Both had waist cinchers, and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to dress them up. Again, pictures will have to be forthcoming.

Not working Dickens full time this year, but it looks like it might work out to be about half the time. I was there for opening day and I'll be back this coming Saturday, and then at least one day closing weekend. I like it. I still get to be there and feel productive, but I don't have to worry about every little thing because I'm just a temp. Yay lack of responsibility! (But I can still get tickets at the performer price, so if you're going, tell me!)

At home there is a push to try to clean up the living room for a couple of reasons. One, this disturbingly mobile baby demands more room to play and a safer place to do it, so that's pretty pressing. The other is that I didn't have a Christmas tree last year, dang it, and I want one this year!! I'm not sure how to make that work with the baby around, maybe have a little tree up on a table or something, but I don't want to be decoration-less again. It's depressing.

I've bought all of 1/2 of a Christmas present so far. Good thing I don't have an office job, huh? I've been telling Charles that we need to sit down and make a plan so that I can then put it into action. It's funny, but I don't have any desire to buy stuff for the baby. He doesn't care, and I get stuff for him all the time anyway. He's going to like the paper better than presents, we all know it!

[ profile] la_caballera will be home in less than two weeks from her first semester at law school. Mom and I are very excited. I can't believe I haven't seen her since August. That's just entirely too weird.

And this, dear friends, is why I don't post much. That's about all I have to say that is even remotely interesting! All I do is keep the baby alive, sew, and occasionally sleep. Boooooring.
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So, we're on "vacation." I'm using the term loosely, because to me it's really just a geographical change. I still have the big baby (Charles) and the actual baby ([ profile] cwsmithiv) to take care of, so it's not that different from being at home. :)

We're in Windsor, which is about an hour and a half north of home. Since we drove we were able to bring along pretty much whatever baby stuff I wanted - and I wanted a lot of it. Bouncer, high chair, porta-crib, stroller, swing... I see no need to make my vacation even harder than my every day life by not having the right tools with me! Charles brought his XBox, and a couple of computers, so it's not like I was the only one refusing to pack light.

Right now Charles is on the couch watching a really crappy movie (Crank 2) and the baby is in his highchair discovering Cheerios. It's pretty funny that everything in the world goes into his mouth, but not these. These he is actually supposed to eat, so he just pushes them around with his fingers until they end up on the floor.

No, wait, one just went in the mouth! We'll see how this turns out. :)

As for me, well, I suppose it's good to get away from the sewing machines. Last week I had to make the world's ugliest dress for [ profile] scottish_jessi and it was very demoralizing. :-P So this week is all about not sewing while enjoying the beauty of wine(ish) country, and then next week it's back to work. Whee!

Okay, I'd better go rescue the baby. Most of the Cheerios have disappeared now, and he's fairly covered in drool. But hey, I know he ate at least two of them, that's something.
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I was gonna post. And then the baby fell asleep.

You know what trumps posting?

Napping. :)
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When I was a kid, probably around 10, a friend down the street and I would eagerly anticipate rainy days. Not just kinda rainy, but days like this - total downpour. Because that was a perfect day for the pioneer game.

We would take a very small pitcher of juice (I think it was actually some kind of dressing container, but it was crystal and pretty and had a stopper, which was somehow key) and a tube of Ritz out to the playhouse in my backyard and see how long we could make them last. We had a lantern (actual fire! kids these days don't get actual fire) and a blanket and our rations, and we'd do our best to make it from after school all the way to dinner with just those things.

I admit, she did way better than I did. That little pitcher was just not enough juice for all those Ritz...

But days like this always make me think I should go running for the Ritz and juice, maybe add in a slice or two of cheese to make life interesting, and then go hide in the playhouse for the afternoon.
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A little over a week ago, I was visiting Shannon (a mommy-friend) and she showed me her new Halloween costume.

This little number:
witch costume

Of course, it looks great when it's on that leggy model, but it's pretty cheap in person. All one piece (blouse/waist cincher/skirt), there's spandex in the back so it'll fit more people, you know the drill. I smiled, said "Oh!" and then choked for a moment before begging her to let me make her something better. I know, I'm an idiot, but I couldn't stand it.

So this is what I made her:
Better witch costume

She's far bustier than my dress dummy, so it looks much nicer on her. I'll see if I can provide pictures when she's all dressed up for the holiday.

And to prove that I'm not completely insane, I've completed 3 Madrigal outfits and the baby is still alive. So far so good. :)
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