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Early last week I started writing a post about how hard everything had been for a few days. And it was, Monday and Tuesday of last week sucked out loud. But it's never been easy for me to write about stuff like that because it feels a lot like whining. And then, before I could even get the post written, things started getting better. Little things, like [ profile] scottish_jessi coming over to give me a hand with the kids, and [ profile] shofixti taking me to an unexpected dinner out (while Jessi had the kids), and [ profile] tersa bringing my fabulous ceramic cupcake over to the house rather than making me wait for it for three more days. Nothing earth shattering, but each small kindness felt like a drop of optimism filling up my reserve again.

And now it's Sunday, and I am tired, but I don't feel emotionally beat up anymore. Things are busy and Clara isn't much of a baby anymore and I swear [ profile] cwsmithiv might as well be a teenager for the attitude he displays half the time, but it's okay. It's normal. It's life, and I'm happy to have it.

Also, no time for wallowing. SO MUCH WORK. Someone asked me recently how much I sew, and I answered that I have as much work as I can handle. Which is entirely true, and sometimes a little more than that. The difference is that I vowed to stop doing it for free. I thought that was going to mean that I would have less work, because if I say no to doing it for free, then I won't have so much sewing to do, right? Um... actually, it seems to mean that I get more *paid* work instead. Which is fabulous, and I like the idea that I can contribute to the household (or at least make it so I have very little negative impact on the family finances), but I'm also a little disappointed by the lack of free time. I was sort of looking forward to it. ;) I might just have to say no to a few more things come June because I'm going to have two kids all day and not much in the way of summer camp. But hey! Maybe next summer, my sewing money can PAY for summer camp! What an awesome idea.
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