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... I was probably still in Labor & Delivery, finishing up with all the afterbirth messiness before moving to my room for the rest of my stay. And Miss Clara was about an hour and a half old. Now she's sleeping next to me in my bed, all 30" long and 18 lbs of her, and I'm just amazed that it has all gone so fast. She's a walking, babbling, crazy little creature now who is hell bent on following her brother and breaking things. Possibly herself, she's not really worried about it. She has a lot of faith in things to just work out the way she wants them to. :)

Her brother thinks that now that she's not a baby anymore, we need to talk about having another baby. He likes having a baby in the family, so let's make a new one. Um... no. You're cute, kid, but no. Mommy and Daddy agree on this one, two is plenty. As it is we have no idea how we're going to cram all of our lives into the 24 hours we get per day. We sat down last night to go over what is supposed to happen in the next four or so weeks, and it's just kinda nuts. Wait until Clara has friends and playdates too!! When can C4 start driving? :P Or working, child labor can be useful.

This week Daddy Charles has an internal convention at work, so I won't see him much. And I have a daisy chain of sewing projects that will take me pretty much through the next three weeks. One after the other after the other. It's good, I like knowing that I'm being a mildly useful human being beyond keeping my children alive, but it's tiring too. As always it would be easier if I could count on working while kids are sleeping. C4 is finally a decent sleeper; I won't call it "good," he still has nightmares too often for that. But at least he goes to bed at an expected time and largely stays there until called upon in the morning. Clara... yeah, not so much. My dream of having one good sleeper remains a dream. She goes to sleep when she feels like it, and stays there for a completely random amount of time before demanding attention of some kind. It's stressful, not having any clue how long she'll sleep before you have to drop everything and deal with her again. Maybe I'll get a bunch of work done, maybe I'll get three steps out of the room! You just never know! The best way to get her to sleep is to let her fall asleep in my bed, and then sit next to her with my laptop until I feel like sleeping too. Good once in awhile for catching up on email or doing my nails, but not ideal every night. Makes me feel like I'm wasting precious sleeping baby time.

And now, the highlight of my day: I'm going to go check the mail. Yes, I'm a weirdo, we knew that.
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