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I'm either super good at getting a lot done in a short time, or I just sit and stare blankly for an hour. That's what it feels like, anyway.

The child goes to bed on his own now, and I'm pretty firm that he needs to fall asleep that way before I'll come to bed (we co-sleep because it's easier for me to handle his nightmares when I'm already there). But that means on the nights that he's being stubborn about going to sleep, I basically have to wait him out. Which I've been doing for about an hour and a half. I tried watching a stupid movie on Netflix and it was just too stupid, had to turn it off. Tried watching Veronica Mars on and got annoyed at the commercials (I have the DVDs, I just have to unpack them - I'm not watching commercials!). Pondered doing some paperwork organizing, decided that printing labels was noisy and not going to help the child go to sleep.

Only NOW did I realize that I could have been taking the pictures off the camera, organizing them, and possibly making some kind of coherent post about the ABSOLUTE CHAOS that has been my last three weeks. DUH.

We went to Disneyland for our wedding anniversary/Dapper Day, which of course yielded cute pictures. We went to Tahoe and the child got on skis for the first time; cute pictures. It was his fourth birthday on Monday, and my dad and sister both came out from the East Coast for the occasion. CUTE PICTURES. And they all sit on my camera, useless to the outside world. *sigh* Kind of makes you wonder why I take all those pictures sometimes. If I'm not going to share them, might as well just enjoy the moment and put the darn camera away, huh?

So. Mental list. Do something with the pictures. You know, one of these days...
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